Ffxiv blu spells

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FFXIV Blue Mage: How to Learn 1000 Needles

By Carbuncle. Can this spell be learned from Peiste in Abys? And thanks for the responce. Posts: Best advice I can give a blu, coming from someone who aby burned, is get up to 60 or so asap, and get the af1 gloves.

They are a lifesaver. By Ragnarok. AF gloves are extremely noticable. By Cerberus. I burned the job up so as to help get spells efficiently.

I then capped my skill and got my af gloves and set out hunting spells. You do have to pay attention to what mob is using what move but you can learn 5 spells in a pull.Unlike normal classes called jobs in FFXIVthe Blue Mage is the first "Limited Job" and is designed primarily to be played solo and can, at this time, only reach level 50 instead of the current level 70 cap used for all other jobs.

That means the Blue Mage cannot be used in endgame dungeons or raids, and it is also restricted from joining a host of other group activities like PVP. By far the biggest difference, though, is that the Blue Mage doesn't learn new spells automatically through leveling up.

True to its design in older Final Fantasy games, The Blue Mage is a spell thief that adopts abilities from a wide range of monsters. All of these restrictions might sound cumbersome, but the FFXIV Blue Mage is a lot of fun to use, comes with exclusive solo missions, and is a great distraction from the usual grind.

To unlock the Blue Mage, you'll first need to complete two major milestones that shouldn't be a problem for veterans but will take a very long time for new players. First, you must have one Disciple of War or Magic job at level 50, which is the requirement to pick up the Blue Mage quest.

Secondly, you must have completed the entire 2. If you're brand new, you can buy premium boost potions to skip these requirements, but since the story is a big part of FFXIV's appeal, we recommend against that.

Once those requirements are met, you can speak with the "Zealous Yellowjacket" found in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks near the aetheryte crystal to start the quest "Out of the Blue. To unlock Blue Mage spells, you have to first witness a monster using that spell in combat and then defeat the monster.

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Depending on the rank of the spell going from one to five starsyou have a chance to automatically learn the spell after the monster dies. You don't have to be hit by the ability in question, but the monster does need to cast it before it dies.

You'll know you successfully learned the spell when the words "Action Learned" cover the screen. You can find your new ability in the Blue Mage spellbook in the character menu.

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Essentially, finding all 49 spells is one giant collect-a-thon that will take you to every corner of Eorzea. Before you can use your spells, however, you'll first need to set them as an Active Action. Though the Blue Mage has 49 spells to learn, only 24 of them can be used at once. You can also have up to five Action Sets of 24 spells, giving you some flexibility in what abilities you bring with you into combat. Here's the full list of all 49 Blue Mage abilities along with the requirement for unlocking them.

Stars indicate the rank of the spell and how hard it will be to learn. Coordinates for monsters are in brackets.

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Deals fire damage with a potency of to all enemies at a designated location.This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information. Your use of the website is also subject to the terms in the Square Enix website terms of use and privacy policy and by using the website you are accepting those terms.

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Blu spells So I've been leveling Blu and actually enjoying it for the most part. That is until having to group up in Dragons Neck to get two spells Snort and 4 ton weight.

I'd like to know how in the world did people get these two spells. Had three different PF up yesterday and no dice on any. We tried and failed many times.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I have all the spells you can get up to that point via blu spell list on google.

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If people can clear savage content, they can probably clear the Dragons Neck Maybe a lack of coordination? Larek Darkholme Ragnarok. I tried asking fc but no one on at the time had blu either unlocked or at level Also, on one of the many attempts we tried having a tank and could not hold agro at all. IN no way can you compare this to savage, you don't have standard rotations and rage check nadda. Also, very weak dps to boot. I did them with a couple 80's and we took turns gettting the spells.

No idea how a blue party would fare doing it.

ffxiv blu spells

Originally Posted by Jimmymagic. Dragon's Neck has been one of the harder ones I've noticed for most groups. I've been taking my friends unsynced and just running it on repeat until they get it which made it way better. I successfully cleared Dragon's Neck and got 4-tonze weight but not snort. I am not sure why.You cannot learn spells while dead! So if you have friends helping you with harder spells, make sure they raise you before killing the monster! Below is a list of all the spells, sorted by region, focusing on the easiest locations.

You can do single specific spells as well as entire presaved spell sets set up spell sets by using the new BLU Spellbook UI. Just make sure everyone is alive! You may also learn the spell while in a party. If with other BLUs, every BLU will learn the spell at the same time if the party succeeds as a whole in their chance to learn.

It is not 1 roll per BLU per kill to learn, but a flat 1 roll per kill. For many cases, spells must be learned from the mobs in the locations in this list, despite others appearing in the same family in other locations. For example; it seems all Qiqirn can teach Faze.

Basically, Black Mage [FFXIV]

An exception has been found with Chiggoes teaching Blood Drain instead of Bats. This is also true for Leviathan teaching Aqua Breath instead of Ultros. There may be other instances where, if a move of the same name is used, may be learned from monsters outside of their normal family. The learn rate is just incredibly low for 5 star spells.

Do whichever version of the Primal you can kill the fastest except for Garuda and Shiva, where you have to do EX. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.

Featured Cosplay Hestia Cosplay and More.See Blue Mage Job Traits for a list of the currently known traits gained by spell combinations. These spells cannot be set. They are always in the spell list after they have been learned. They are only enabled while you are at the appropriate level, and under the effect of Unbridled Learning.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Job Overview. Category : Jobs. These formidable fighter-mages employ elegantly curved blades for close combat, while decimating their enemies from afar with fell magic mastered from their opponents. Blue Mages are a versatile melee-mage hybrid job. Through the careful setting and application of blue magic spellsthis job can adapt to almost any situation. They also have access to a wide range of Job Traits.

Chain Affinity Recast. Burst Affinity Recast. Using Blue Magic Unlike other magic spells, it is not possible to use Blue Magic as soon as it is acquired. First, the spells you wish to use must be set. The level of the Blue Mage determines the maximum number of points available for setting spells.

Maximum Number of Set Spells. The maximum number of Blue Magic spells that can be set to be active at one time is also determined by the Blue Mage's level.

ffxiv blu spells

This maximum number may decrease when the Blue Mage is under a level restriction and so the set numbers are assigned a color for easy reference. Everyone's Grudge. Orcish Counterstance. Tempestuous Upheaval.

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Atramentous Libations. Artifact Set. Relic Set. Job Guides. Blue Mage: A History.

ffxiv blu spells

How-To Guide: Blue Mage. Blue Mage: Guide to Playing the Job. Blue Mage Job Traits. Guide: The Beast Within by Azulmagia. Blue Mage: Immortals Tome by Tyson.Mob Family: Mandragora. Mob Family: Dhalmel.

ffxiv blu spells

Mob Family: Warmachines. Mob Family: Cockatrice. Mob Family: Hecteyes. Mob Family: Evil Weapons. Mob Family: Magic Pot. Mob Family: Uragnite. Mob Family: Skeleton. Mob Family: Hippogryph. Mob Family: Diremite. Mob Family: Tonberry. Mob Family: Scorpion.

Final Fantasy 14 Blue Mage spells: Where to find every spell and what they do

Mob Family: Sea Monk. Mob Family: Rafflesia. Mob Family: Sabotender. Mob Family: Colibri. Mob Family: Mamool Ja. Mob Family: Lamia. Mob Family: Peiste. Mob Family: Wamouracampa.This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information. Your use of the website is also subject to the terms in the Square Enix website terms of use and privacy policy and by using the website you are accepting those terms.

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PATCH 5. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of The Blue Mage Log sounds interesting, i guess. Have to hear more on it. I hope they will allow Blue Mage to go into PotD or be use in squadrons. My blue mage only have 37 spells.

Just didnt have the patience with getting the other spells. Was excited about blue mage after the initial release but that dwindle after a couple of weeks. What are your thoughts regarding the LL info so far regarding Blue Mage? The whole point was to force people to play that carnival thing. And it will be treated like it was before Personal Housing While I cannot give a specific date on when personal housing will be implemented, I can say that prices will be completely separate from free company housing, and, naturally, far more affordable.

The job is already useless and don't give any motivation to play with, because not even Squadrons you can register without a pre made party, and then you must waste hours trying to learn some skill. A lot of fun stuff in the presentation but blue mage stuffed had me a bit: " There was little reason to party when you were destroying stuff except to share exp, and if the content around blue mage is balanced so you're not creating monster vapor then I feel like it strays away from that and into the more "someone is on white wind duty, another is going to do awful damage and vaguely tank, and the rest of us spam the same set of skills with a few using an oGCD or buffed DoT if they grinded for it".

So the blue mage log sounds like they're moving further away from solo god idea I had hoped they'd go if not DF-able, or both into "can do some very old content, but with a less engaging rotation and not clearly better either"- I haven't played this new update obviously so I wont say that's what it is. Like how you have different types of decks or a set of skills and legendary affix in diablo 3 can mean an entirely unique play style.

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Really hope they're taking feedback into consideration as they go forward, and perhaps they are and it's just not time to show that they have yet. Or that feedback they're taking in just isn't in the direction I'll enjoy but they're doing something lol.

I don't say that out of some cruel desire on whoever is making it either don't want to make anyone feel bad or threaten subs and what not, just trying to convey as a blue mage fan of other games I feel more like an ex-blue mage fan here. If some people think this is awesome I suppose that's great for them and SE has done something good not everything has to please everyonebut my feedback I guess is "I was worried before release, I was worried and sad after release, and now I'm potentially more worried".

Still have to see what the new skills are, job quests, and what else the log has going for it, so there is a lot of room for "more info"- and so I'm not fixed on any feeling, just a quick take and up for change feeling on reading the changes coming to blue mage.

Originally Posted by Vahlnir.

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